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ARINC Airports Solutions - Door-to-door innovation that keeps passenger processing and airport operations flowing.

NEW RELEASE: ARINC Airports Multi User System Environment MUSE Solution - The future of passenger processing—right on time

NEW RELEASE: ARINC Airports Bag Drop Solutions - Innovative bag drop solutions for optimal performance

ARINC Airports Systems Integration - Highest levels of efficiency and reliability from legacy and state of the art architecture, at every critical touch-point, and from door to door.

ARINC Airports MUSE Common Use Identity Management - Data from each touch-point can provide real time updates on the status of each passenger.

ARINC Airports AMS Overview - can help reduce airport operations support costs while optimising your technology.




NEW RELEASE: ARINC Airports SelfDrop - The world’s first contactless, biometric check-in and self bag drop solution

ARINC Airports SelfServ Kiosks - Host any airline with CUSS airport systems-compliant check-in application, without reengineering.

ARINC Airports ExpressDrop - The first true web-based common bag drop for passengers who have already checked in via the web, mobile phone or self-service airport kiosk.

ARINC Airports AirVue - Enable your airport, hotel or any other business that relies on customer traffic to get in front of the right information at the right time.

ARINC Airports AirDB - We understand that one solution does not meet all needs, so we’ve added extensive customisation capabilities and user layouts to ARINC AirDB to help support you.

ARINC Airports AirPlan - Optimise resources and reduce airport operating costs with our Resource Management System (RMS).

ARINC Airports AirTQM - Improve on-time performance for airlines, airports and ground handling agents.

ARINC Airports VeriPax - Provide a full range of passenger management functionality.

ARINC Airports Managed Services: IT systems and maintenance - Get an array of benefits including complete and timely visibility into your systems’ performance through customised management reports.

ARINC Airports Managed Services: Parking systems maintenance and support - Operate more efficiently, with less downtime and improved insight into your operations.

ARINC Airports Managed Services: Radio maintenance and support - Our global radio maintenance and support has become an integral part of several major airlines’ operations.

ARINC Airports Managed Services: Service desk - Custom solutions to reduce airport operations costs and improve airlines operation.



Case Studies

ARINC Airports vMUSE Enterprise at Belfast City Airport - Rockwell Collins helps cut costs and IT resource demand at George Best Belfast City Airport with ARINC vMUSE Enterprise.

ARINC Airports AirVue at Durango Airport - Regional airport Keeps passengers informed, moving and see big benefits from ARINC AirVue Flight Information Display System.

ARINC Airports SelfServ at Narita Internation Airport- Rockwell Collins improves the passenger travel experience at Narita International Airport with self service solutions helping speed processing and enhancing service.

NEW RELEASE: ARINC Airports Self BagDrop at Dublin Internation Airport -

Self-bag drop from Rockwell Collins reduces passenger check-in time by 60 percent, see how the new systems at Dublin International have a dramatic impact on airport and airline operations.






White Papers

ARINC Airports vMUSE Common Use Identity Management - Data from each touch-point can provide real time updates on the status of each passenger.




NEW RELEASE: Rockwell Collins ARINC Airports YouTube Playlist - Find all the latest airports videos in this playlist

NEW RELEASE: Rockwell Collins ARINC Airport Cloud Solutions | Airport Operations| Airport Systems

NEW RELEASE: Rockwell Collins ARINC PCI DSS information | Payment Card Industry| Digital Security Standard

NEW RELEASE: Rockwell Collins ARINC SelfDrop | Self Service Bag Drop Solution| Airport Solutions

1-to-Many Biometric Verification

Airport cloud questions with Tony Chapman

Empowering your airport for flexibility and scalability with Rockwell Collins Cloud Solutions

Rockwell Collins cloud technology and the seamless airport

Self Bag Drop Case Study at Dublin Internation Airport

Rockwell Collins Airport Systems Integration

Rockwell Collins' ARINC Airports - Heathrow Terminal 2





Datasheet: ARINC Airports vMUSE - The passenger processing system that brings your airport operations together.

Datasheet: ARINC Airports vMUSE Enterprise - Now, airlines and airports of any size can enjoy the same common-use capabilities as fullsize, server-based terminal operation.

Datasheet: ARINC Airports vMUSE Mobile - A mobile CUPPS solution means you can now launch passenger processing in minutes, wherever there is an internet connection.

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