IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 8 - October 2012


ARINC launches AviNet Mail Enterprise Hub (eHub)


Vol8-2Following the success of its AviNet Mail global data communications service, ARINC is launching AviNet Mail Enterprise Hub, known as eHub, a new cost-effective cloud computing based messaging service for aviation. eHub will be formally unveiled at ARINC EMEA’s Converge and ENGAGE customer event in October.

ARINC has developed eHub in response to customers who want to be able to tailor an interface for their own users. It has been designed to be easily configured for either a single user or a global user with multiple divisions and departments with varying messaging requirements. It offers simple user message management and includes free internal and local message routing, which reduces costs to then customer.

“eHub brings together many of ARINC’s products to create a new service concept,” said Laura Petrozziello, ARINC EMEA’s Sales Director, Aviation Solutions. “By utilising cloud computing it addresses the needs of mobile computing and providing a shared environment.”

Another key differentiator is that eHub is multi-language and everything can be translated into any language. Also, unlike other comparable systems, eHub performs Type B to SMS message delivery and offers a “right click drag and drop” function.

Using cloud computing means customers do not need expensive internal server installations or software licences. This makes it simple and cost-effective in terms of capacity and user management and builds on the system as a service model.

AviNet offers a choice to ARINC’s global customers and the network has continued to win converts, adding over 2,500 new users in 2012. Stimulated by ARINC’s “Choices” marketing campaign launched last year in the Middle East, total users in EMEA have grown to 25,000. In addition, AviNet has expanded its airport network connectivity into Brussels, Brandenburg, Nairobi and Toronto, with Doha planned to be implemented within the next few months.



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