IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 7 - April 2012


ARINC to upgrade ground stations to support Europe’s Air Navigation Service Providers with CPDLC compliance


ARINC supports Air Navigation Service Providers with CPDLC complianceARINC is to upgrade approximately 50 ground stations in 2012 through to early 2013 to ensure Europe’s Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) are connected to the ARINC network before the EC’s February 2013 deadline for the implementation of Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC). ARINC already has some 200 ground stations in Europe alone which is also growing as part of its larger deployment plan for its GLOBALink infrastructure in the EMEA region.

To comply with the European Commission Data Link Implementing Rule, the European ANSPs affected by the 2013 milestone will need to accommodate CPDLC data messages sent from airlines using ARINC’s VDLM2 network as well as airlines using other data link Service Providers.

“As part of our commitment to the European Transport community ARINC is working with the ANSPs to ensure they can communicate with all aircraft operating in European airspace and in doing so, ensure that the airlines continue to have a real choice of network provider”, said Andy Hubbard, Managing Director, ARINC EMEA.

Under EC Regulation No 29/2009 the “core” ANSPs in Europe must be operating CPDLC, based on VDL Mode 2 avionics, for Air Traffic Communications in upper airspace. From February 2011 all new aircraft have had to be equipped with a CPDLC system and by February 2015 a significant number of older aircraft must be retrofitted with CPDLC.



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Vol7-11smallData link provides 100% coverage

ARINC’s Global VHF infrastructure is growing rapidly in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. It is enabling airlines to utilise ARINC’s low cost ACARS network worldwide and with the ability to add ARINC’s exclusive HF data link network to their aircraft capability, they will benefit from 100% coverage for all operational applications.

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