IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 7 - April 2012


AviNet Mail – growing in Middle East


AviNet Mail, ARINC’s global data communications network currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, has been a particular success in the Middle East.

Delivering 50% of the world’s operational Type B traffic – processing over 30 million messages a day for a 700-strong customer base it offers low-cost Type B, email and SMS messaging over a secure private network. With a single interface from any internet connection and a simple, customisable, message-formatting template, it is used for business-to-business messaging by airlines, airport authorities and related businesses – including computer reservation systems, cargo operations, hotels, flight dispatch operators, caterers and express freight handlers.

ARINC is the only company whose messaging service is supported by a Service Level Agreement adhering to IATA standards, guaranteeing that type B messages are processed and ready for delivery in less than one minute. If the delivery host or station does not accept Type B the ARINC messaging architecture enables conversion of the message to email, telex or fax as required. And the ‘any to any’ protocol ensures straightforward communications and keeps costs down as users only need a single AviNet connection. Switching to AviNet is very straightforward with an average implementation time of five days.



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Vol7-9smallARINC’s AviNet® Mail Service Marking Ten Years; Volume Now Exceeds 30 Million Messages A Day

ARINC Incorporated this year celebrates the tenth anniversary of its highly successful AviNet® Mail messaging service for the air transportation industry.

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