IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 7 - April 2012


ARINC SwiftBroadband update


ARINC SwiftBroadband updateNow in its second year of SwiftBroadband service provision as one of Inmarsat’s newest appointed aero Distribution Partners, ARINC is making fantastic headway within the Air Transport market.

Business is growing at a phenomenal rate with ARINC making significant progress within Business, Military and Commercial Air Transport with business doubling year on year. ARINC Direct, ARINC’s business and general aviation arm, is doing exceptionally well, going from strength to strength. ARINC Direct anticipates the market requirements and shapes its offerings to meet them, the recent success of the iPad flight planning application is testament to the clear understanding of not only the market, but the individual customers and users.

ARINC continues to move forward with innovative design within the cabin space. ARINC Direct’s business hotspot provides customers with a secure way for business jet users to access and pay for internet connectivity whilst in flight. This development complements the commercial air transport offering ‘Cabin Connect’. Further product developments in business and air transport are in the pipeline and developments will be announced later this year. ARINC is extremely proud to be one of Inmarsat’s fastest growing Distribution Partners (DP) and is becoming increasingly successful in the Commercial Air Transport market with a passenger WiFi product offering over SwiftBroadband launched at APEX last year.

“2012 should be a very interesting year for ARINC, we are very excited about the many opportunities that are presenting themselves to us. We are looking forward to making some significant announcements on launch customers for Cabin Connect” stated Lee Costin, Director, Satellite Solutions and Cabin Solutions. ARINC has seen a very healthy interest from airlines for Cabin Connect and is in detailed discussions with potential launch customers.

While SwiftBroadband is very much the focus for the next few years, ARINC is committed to future connectivity plans and is working with Inmarsat on continuously reviewing expanding our product portfolio and are very keen to see how airlines’ connectivity requirements develop and how Global Xpress will serve this market as the proposition matures.



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Vol7-13smallARINC Direct bolsters fleet and focuses on customer support

ARINC Direct started to reap the rewards of its investment in 2011 especially in realising advances with its flight planning solutions, not only in matching competitive offerings, but in exceeding them in terms of integration and customer support.

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