IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 7 - April 2012


ARINC expands presence at Cairo International Airport


ARINC expands presence at Cairo International AirportARINC commenced a three-month trial of its screening solution VeriPax at Cairo Airport’s Terminal 3 at the start of February 2012.

The addition of VeriPax will both strengthen the security and simplify passenger processing, whilst significantly improving operational efficiency at Egypt’s major international airport. With heightened security concerns requiring greater vigilance and national security guidelines demanding validation of bar coded passes, achieving positive passenger checks quickly is fundamental to the safe, efficient operation of any airport. ARINC’s Regional Director for the Middle East, Tony Lynch explains: “The recent explosion in web check-in has seen more and more passengers arrive at the airport carrying home printed boarding cards which allows them to bypass the traditional check-in process and proceed straight to security.”

The new contract follows hard on the heels of what has been one of ARINC’s biggest projects in the Middle East – the delivery, installation and integration of a suite of 14 specialist information handling systems at Terminal 3. Many of these systems have since been extended to the new Seasonal Flights Terminal at CAI.

“This complex project, in which we had responsibility for a multinational workforce, was our first in Egypt and brought several leading edge technologies to the country for the first time, including common use self service (CUSS), passenger information kiosks, biometric gates and automated ramp management,” said Lynch.

This has speeded up the general check-in and allowed passengers to move more quickly through the airport. The downside is that these new document types also need to be thoroughly checked to ensure that they are valid. Airlines and government departments are demanding increased checks on 2D barcode home printed boarding cards, such as checking the validity of the presented boarding pass; Ensuring duplicate passes are recognized and rejected and controlling access according to the list of active flights, adds Lynch. VeriPaxTM is the latest offering from ARINC, designed specifically to target this security issue.

It enhances manual screening of passengers for access to a terminal’s airside areas. It can detect and highlight duplicate boarding passes, and can be customized to perform other checks, such as validating passenger names against a "watchlist" database or checking passenger itineraries against valid flight schedules for the day. Airlines can customize the checks required to suit their business needs. VeriPaxTM technology can also be integrated with local and external data sources, including biometric security applications, to deliver more robust screening and verification.



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