IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 6 - October 2011


Vueling expands ARINC comms support


Vueling expands ARINC comms supportVueling Airlines, Spain's leading low-fare carrier, has renewed its communications contract with ARINC Incorporated to receive ARINC ACARS® Data Link and OpCenterSM Message Management Service.

ARINC has been Vueling's preferred supplier since the airline was established in 2004. The new agreement makes ARINC the carrier's exclusive data link provider and includes ARINC service commitments supporting the growth from Vueling's 2009 merger and recent route expansions which have made it Spain's second largest carrier.

“ARINC welcomes the enhanced business relationship reflected in this agreement and we look forward to supporting Vueling's future growth initiatives,” said Michael DiGeorge, ARINC EMEA Senior Program Director, Aviation Solutions.

The new agreement provides Vueling with ARINC's ACARS data link service, Type B messaging and connectivity, and ARINC's OpCenter solution, which allows the airline to integrate data link information across the enterprise. Interconnecting OpCenter with other Vueling systems enables real-time automatic processing of data sent and received by the carrier's expanded fleet of 48 aircraft, as well as 24/7 flight operations support.

Vueling has recently added new operating bases in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and France (Toulouse), and is now operating more routes in cooperation with Iberia out of Madrid in addition to growth at its mainstay Barcelona Airport hub. During the summer of 2011, it added 26 new routes to its network.

Vueling is renowned in the industry for its focus on the bottom line and ARINC accepted a review of the communications contract to support the airline's growing fleet and route network, while keeping costs as low as possible.

“Through our recent expansion, we have come to rely on ARINC to help us maximize productivity and efficiency at optimum cost,” said Vueling's Albert Pérez Subirós, Manager of Engineering & Planning. “We are very pleased at their ability to assist in our growth while keeping a sharp focus on cost control and the bottom line.”

“ARINC will continue to deliver the same high level of service and commitment that Vueling has received since we first established our business relationship in 2004,” added DiGeorge. ARINC's OpCenter is a complete web-based messaging solution for anyone who communicates with flight or ground crews via data link service. Its flexible, customizable message-management capabilities can be adapted to meet the needs of any operational environment.



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