IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 6 - October 2011


SwiftBroadband growth


SwiftBroadband growthEighteen months after it was appointed an Inmarsat SwiftBroadband Distribution Partner ARINC is enjoying outstanding growth in business, general aviation and the commercial air transport sector.

“Inmarsat is very pleased with ARINC's commitment to SwiftBroadband and the company's investment in building a very capable service and solutions organisation, making it one of our fastest growing distribution partners in this service category,” commented Chris Moore, Director of Sales at Inmarsat Global. ARINC has rolled out some exciting product developments in recent months.

These include the launch of a business jet Wifi hotspot, enabling inflight payment and verification of inflight SwiftBroadband users. This is something that will revolutionise the way in which business jet operators can charge their passengers for their internet usage – in a totally transparent way. With the requirement for onboard connectivity something that is becoming commonplace across all three aeronautical markets, ARINC is uniquely placed to respond to the changes in demand as each market sector evolves.



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Vol6-13smallGraphical route manipulation added to flight planning tools

ARINC Direct has significantly enhanced its flight planning capabilities by enabling graphical manipulation of routes on charts.

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