IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 6 - October 2011


Relationship with Eurocontrol extended


Relationship with Eurocontrol extendedIn August ARINC won a fiercely contested contract from Eurocontrol to provide a test system to validate the functioning of VDL Mode 2 (VDL2) avionics in a multi-frequency environment. The agreement will ensure sufficient network capacity and resilience in the future.

ARINC's validation system will be installed in a new laboratory at the Eurocontrol Experimental Centre (EEC) in Bretigny, France, the same location where ARINC installed a VDL2 testbed in 2004 for Eurocontrol under the Link2000 Program.

The validation of avionics is a critical next step for the European air transport community, which faces a Data Link Services Implementing Rule to implement Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC), based on VDL2 avionics, for air traffic control communications in 2013.

“This new agreement extends a successful 10-year strategic partnership that underpinned the rollout of VDL Mode 2 in the Maastricht FIR under the Link2000 Program,” said Andy Hubbard, ARINC EMEA Managing Director. “In addition, it retains the 10-year knowledge base acquired by both parties to accelerate the progress of CPDLC moving forward.”

Europe's busy Maastricht Upper Air Center and many CPDLC 'pioneer' airlines have been using VDL2 communications since 2004 under the EC Link2000 Program. However, with anticipated growth of air traffic going forward, multiple VDL2 frequencies are necessary to support the required capacity. All VDL2 systems will need to operate reliably in a multi-frequency environment by changing channels as required to maximize performance and avoid frequency congestion. Testing of this functionality has not been done before.

Under EC Regulation 29/2009, the 'core' air navigation service providers in Europe must be operating CPDLC in upper airspace by February 2013. All new aircraft delivered from February 2011 must have a CPDLC system on board and a significant number of older aircraft must be retrofitted by February 2015.

Working with the new ARINC system, Eurocontrol is now preparing to carry out laboratory tests of avionics in a multi-frequency environment. Installation work will be completed by 15 December 2011 and the facility should go live shortly afterwards.

Multi frequency capability for VDL2 is a significant development for the industry as it will help ensure sufficient network capacity and resilience in the future. ARINC's VDL Mode 2 service, GLOBALink/VDLM2, is available in most busy airspaces worldwide.



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