IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 6 - October 2011


Graphical route manipulation added to flight planning tools


Graphical route manipulation added to flight planning toolsARINC Direct has significantly enhanced its flight planning capabilities by enabling graphical manipulation of routes on charts.

“With our latest release we have implemented the ability to dynamically modify a flight plan route using our SkyVector mapping application,” said Gary Gambarani, Director of Flight Operations. “The resulting route on the map is then used to compute and file a flight plan.”

When combined with the other mapping overlay features that ARINC Direct provides, such as SIGMETS, weather radar and turbulence, this makes an already powerful flight planning tool even easier to use.



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Vol6-14smallRelationship with Eurocontrol extended

In August ARINC won a fiercely contested contract from Eurocontrol to provide a test system to validate the functioning of VDL Mode 2 (VDL2) avionics in a multi-frequency environment.

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