IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 6 - October 2011


ARINC International: From strength to strength


ARINC International: From strength to strengthProfits ploughed back into product development to meet international customers' needs.

ARINC's International Division has continued its successful growth path throughout 2011, achieving significant contract wins in the commercial aviation, business aviation and airport sectors in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

Created 11 years ago, ARINC International is now the fastest-growing part of ARINC Incorporated. Now a truly global player, ARINC International's success has been fuelled by ploughing profits back into developing and adapting new products and services to meet the needs of international customers.

The company has been engaged on a major Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) integration programme with Cathay Pacific that extends the range of applications and communications capabilities for EFB to a new level. ARINC has now been awarded a Feasibility and Definition contract for an integration solution with the prospect of the project being rolled out fleet-wide.

The Airports sector has seen over a dozen key wins, supported by ARINC's investment in innovative new services and products tailored to the international market. Recent successes include the demand for ARINC's vMUSE Enterprise common-use check-in service and hosted services, by customers such as Servisair and Belfast City Airport. Installing remote check-in services for the casinos at Macau was another key win.

The business aviation arm, ARINC Direct, has continued its steady growth during 2011, with business aircraft numbers increasing over the last two quarters.

Expansion of ARINC's GLOBALinkSM/VHF data link network has been accelerated in 2011, focusing on improving coverage in Asia, particularly India and Pakistan, the Middle East and Africa, as well as reinforcing European coverage in VDL Mode 2.



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Vol6-4smallNew airport win for vMUSE

ARINC EMEA has won a hotly contested new contract from a sizeable UK airport for its vMUSE Enterprise common-use passenger processing technology.

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