IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 6 - October 2011


ARINC Direct upgrades SMS with Flight Risk Assessment awareness


Vol9 8ARINC Direct continues to enhance its flight planning solutions as it supports an increasing number of corporate jet pilots and flight departments. It has now started to integrate a smarter approach with some parts of the data set that allow automatic extraction and flagging of potential problems.

ARINC Direct's flight planning tool gives companies compliance with the Risk Assessment pillar of their Safety Management System (SMS). The SMS Risk Factor Form, as recommended by the US FAA and ICAO, allows a user to assign a specific numerical value for any given risk – resulting in a total risk score for a flight. Integrating this feature was a critical initial step to support clients' risk assessment needs. Building on this, ARINC Direct has entered into a partnership with FlightRisk®, a simple, easy-to-use, powerful tool designed for pilots of all skill levels flying virtually any aircraft. FlightRisk ( provides additional safety risk assessment services and enhanced pre-flight risk awareness that helps pilots with varying skills and flying on any aircraft make more informed decisions.

Pilots are encouraged to contribute post-flight feedback into the FlightRisk system as this enhances the availability and quality of pre-flight assessment data available for a particular airport. ARINC Direct's contribution to an operational SMS is to provide an integrated flight planning and risk assessment tool when pilots have the most time to consider their options – on the ground. Awareness of SMS can help both pilots and their passengers understand that a pilot's decision is taken in the best interests of everyone on board and is based on access to the very best information and assessment possible. ARINC Direct files over 1,000 flight plans every day and provides pilots with all the weather and other data associated with those plans.



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