IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 6 - October 2011


APIX system for border control agencies enhanced


APIX system for border control agencies enhancedAs a result of recent investment ARINC EMEA is launching three new modules to extend the offering of ARINC's APIX (Advanced Passenger Information eXchange), the scalable, modular Advanced Passenger Information (API) system developed for border control agencies.

The new additions are APIX+PNR, providing API messaging with PNR verification; APIX+iAPI, providing interactive API messaging; and APIX Infinity, an entry level passenger data analysis tool. The modules were formally launched at the recent AvSec World in Amsterdam.

APIX is designed to accommodate the varying budgets and operational requirements of different governments and border management agencies, from entry level upwards. APIX ensures compliance with international data protection laws, simplifying the collection of travel data for border management, and profiling and threat analysis. It seamlessly integrates into the ARINC Border Management and ARINC Automated Border Control Systems.

Passenger Name Recognition (PNR) data is a rich source of traveller intelligence and enables border control agents to build a threat assessment on a traveller before departure or at the point of booking.

APIX+PNR delivers PNR data quickly, securely and cost-effectively from airline reservation data into any border agency's system in a ready-to-use format. It matches PNR data against supplied API data, verifying that reservation data for each passenger has been received.

APIX+iAPI is a fast, interactive API system that enables an airline to dynamically interrogate a country's border management system to seek authority to carry a traveller into that country. It uses an interactive API system, API Quick Query (AQQ), which is supported by all major airlines and hosted Departure Control Systems (DCS) and is ideally suited to the multi-threaded applications used by DPS at check in.

Fully supported by APIX+iAPI, the AQQ system enables travellers to be selected for additional screening or held pending further investigation. In these circumstances APIX+iAPI responds with the relevant message. As a passenger's clearance status is changed by the border management system, the update is delivered to the airline. To ensure passenger flow, responses permitting other passengers to be processed continue while a response is being provided by the border management system.

APIX Infinity supports an intelligence-led approach to border management, by which suspicious trends, patterns or people can be pro-actively identified. It is an entry level analysis tool which performs 'smart searches' against a range of sources such as historical data, PNR data and open source information. ARINC EMEA is offering APIX Infinity in partnership with Dublin-based Data Fusion International (DFI), a specialist developer of smart, intuitive technology solutions that fuse structured and unstructured information from multiple sources to provide clients with a single, composite view.

“ARINC's approach uniquely allows each country to have a robust and scalable system tailored to its needs and to meet new obligations, such as the emerging new EU PNR requirements,” said Ray Batt, Director, Government & Security, ARINC EMEA.

“The new additions to APIX are designed to enable countries to protect their citizens and visitors and extend control of their borders to the point of departure while maintaining passenger flow.

“We are examining how APIX evolves into the future, talking to governments, airports, airlines and other stakeholders to optimise passenger flow, as well as addressing IATA's key initiatives – Checkpoint of the Future and Next Generation Passenger Screening.”



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CUSS deployment at London Heathrow completed

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