IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 3 - July 2010


Flight planning spearheads EBACE campaign


Vol3-5The growing success of the ARINC flight planning services was the leading theme of the company’s presence at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva on May 3-6.

Customer interest in the ARINC Direct package of flight planning and other support services for business and VP aviation continues to increase, with more than a thousand flightplans now being delivered every day.

ARINC Direct offers a range of capabilities, from basic Web-based planning and filing all the way up to full international trip planning. Functions include online fuel ordering, advance passenger information system (APIS) manifests, weather information, Notams, aeronautical charts, and flight tracking.

ARINC Direct currently supports more than 2,000 aircraft worldwide. Around 350 of these are based in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, where the customer base has grown by a hundred aircraft in the past 12 months. Significant demand is also emerging in Asia, and ARINC has geared up to meet it by appointing a total of four new staff members in Delhi and in Singapore.

Among the ARINC team at EBACE was James Hardie, senior manager for ARINC Direct in EMEA. Based in Crawley, UK, he and his team are backed by an operations centre at company headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland, where about 50 staff are dedicated to flight co-ordination, technical support and software development. “When we’re troubleshooting for customers we can rely on 24/7 telephone support from the operations centre and its on-call engineers,” he says.

Along with flight and trip planning, ARINC Direct provides passenger connectivity and datalink communications for the cockpit.

The Inmarsat and Iridium satellite systems are widely used for passenger voice, email and Internet access, and a number of other services are beginning to emerge. “We can facilitate phone and data connections via any flavour of satellite,” says Hardie. “As long as the necessary equipment is installed in the aircraft, we can make the connection. We have some great ideas in the works to make even better use of Inmarsat’s recently introduced SwiftBroadband service.”

A range of different technologies are available to support datalink communications to the cockpit and ARINC Direct can support them all – ARINC’s own VHF Data Link Mode 2 (VDLM2), high-frequency datalink (HFDL), Inmarsat and Iridium. Says Hardie: “Information that can be supplied direct to pilots wherever they may be in the world includes weather forecasts, Notams, departure and oceanic clearances, flightplans from our own system and from third-party providers like Jeppesen, and emails.”



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Vol3-7small“Good value, great performance,” say AviNet Mail users

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