IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 3 - July 2010


“Good value, great performance,” say AviNet Mail users


Vol3-7More than 95 per cent of the respondents in a recent ARINC EMEA survey of AviNet Mail users were either satisfied or very satisfied with the performance of the company’s Web-based Type B aviation messaging service.

AviNet Mail is in service all over the world, supporting applications such as the monitoring of aircraft movements, passenger handling, operations and load control. User companies range from small charter brokers to major ground handling providers, airports and airlines.

Published earlier this year and covering more than 70 users, the survey also showed that a similar proportion saw the service as good value for money.

More than 60 per cent of the companies surveyed had switched to AviNet Mail from a competing service. The majority reported that their bills were not only lower – one user recently put the saving at 20-25 per cent, another at 40 per cent - but also easier to understand than those of the previous service provider.

Other AviNet Mail strengths include ease of use and effective customer support. More than 90 per cent of the sample said they were satisfied or very satisfied with how straightforward the service was for all the users in their organisations, while more than 85 per cent gave it a similar rating for how easy it was to administer.

More than 25 per cent of the respondents had used the 24/7 customer helpdesk facility, with the great majority expressing themselves satisfied or very satisfied with the outcome. One user, from a Middle Eastern ground handling company, praised the regional helpdesk for “a great job – they answer all our requests almost immediately.”

Another user recently stressed the value of locally based support – “It’s difficult to resolve technical problems by talking on the phone to someone thousands of miles
away” - while a third described AviNet Mail backup as “prompt and effective”.

Almost all of the respondents monitored the usage of AviNet Mail within their organisations. Asked to describe the level of usage, over 90 per cent rated it medium to high. Even more – 93 per cent – said that they would be happy to recommend the service to others, with nearly 85 per cent describing themselves as very or extremely likely to do so.



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