IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 2 - March 2010


Smooth ride for BMW


Vol2-7Christian Kramer is responsible for organising the flight operations of the two business jets used by European car giant BMW. From his office at Munich Airport he oversees the missions that occupy the aircraft – a Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy and a Gulfstream 550 – for up to 700 flying hours each every year. And he relies on ARINC Direct for flight planning and the air-to-ground communications routinely used by the passengers.

“BMW Flight Service was set up to provide transport for group employees, from members of the board to test drivers and engineers,” he says. “We typically operate to destinations in Europe, the USA, South Africa and the Far East.”

BMW signed up for ARINC Direct in August 2007 and has since built the service into its everyday activities. “We use ARINC Direct for flight planning nearly every day,” says Kramer. “Though we are free to call them at any time, we hardly ever need to – that shows how efficient and reliable the service is.”
Other facilities available to Kramer and his team include the co-ordination of flightplans with the ATC providers – “That saves us having to run a separate system for the purpose” – as well as flight-following and departure and landing reports. “And if a problem should arise, we can rely on a quick reaction and support from ARINC at any time of day or night.”



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