EMEA Newsletter Issue 12 - June 2015


Messages in the Cloud: Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviNet® eHub takes off


Messages in the Cloud | ARINC EMEA Newsletter Issue 12

When it comes to the more exhilarating aspects of aviation, messaging is often not the first topic that comes to mind. But effective, reliable message delivery is at the heart of what the commercial and business aviation industry depends upon to operate efficiently. And that’s why more and more airlines, airports, ground handlers and even aviation authorities are turning to Rockwell Collins.

ARINC AviNet Mail Enterprise - or eHub for short - is a multi-user, web-based messaging service. Originally targeted towards larger organisation’s, ARINC eHub’s capabilities are resulting in significant adoption by new customers across the entire industry with user numbers ranging from one to over 200 users needing global accessibility.

What’s led to all of this growth? “Rockwell Collins identified a gap in the market where Type B and other messaging was concerned,” said Adam Mottram, Aviation Solutions EMEA Product Manager. “Our customers wanted a multi-user system that was cost effective, easy to use and easily accessible. ARINC eHub fits the bill.”

ARINC eHub is a cloud-based service that eliminates much of the costs associated with installing the servers and infrastructure necessary to operate traditional solutions. “With no hardware or software license fees, ARINC eHub results in significant cost savings across all areas of operations,” notes Mottram.

Another key benefit of the technology is ARINC eHub’s ability to handle both human and system-generated messaging. Using ARINC eHub, queues can be set up to send and receive automated messages. “And with ARINC eHub - unlike competitor’s offerings - all internally generated messages are free, once again reducing costs.”

Mottram also cited the product’s flexibility as an important reason for its popularity. “The ability to use ARINC eHub through any internet-enabled device has made it particularly valuable for organisations that need to communicate with users located throughout an airport.”

Customer feedback is positive
“We took a very structured product management approach when developing ARINC eHub,” notes Mottram. “That’s important because we really focused on incorporating the voice of the customer into every aspect of its design.” For users, that focus led to an easily customisable interface that makes including different languages or setting up global and local rules quick and straightforward.” So far, it appears that approach has paid off - customers are very happy with the product and the support they receive from Rockwell Collins. A recent survey found that 94% of ARINC eHub customers said it meets all or most of their messaging needs and they overwhelmingly would recommend it to their colleagues.

The survey also revealed that a number of customers switched to eHub because of price. “Customers commented that they were very satisfied in terms of the value ARINC eHub provides for the money, and they consistently referenced how cost-effective the product is.”

Future looks bright
Recently, a number of customers have chosen ARINC AviNet eHub as their cloud-based messaging delivery service. “Over the last 12 months, we have added 30 new customers.”

The product has been so successful in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with over a 70% win rate from trial to contract that the company is making plans to launch the service in the US and Asia Pacific markets soon. “We believe - and the growth is indicating - that customers everywhere can benefit from ARINC eHub. What we’ve found is that ARINC eHub provides a complete messaging solution for any aviation industry business.”



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