IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 1 - December 2009


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Vol1 4Rome, Italy-based A-ICE (Aviation-Information & Communications Engineering), a leading Italian specialist in aviation electronic systems is the first alliance partner to join ARINC EMEA's new Channel Partner program, created to offer highly efficient check in systems and other modern automation for regional and small airports.

ARINC is teaming with experienced IT firms and systems integrators to market and deliver the company's industry-leading passenger systems to hundreds of smaller airports across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The company has identified dozens of smaller airports that are presently under-served with passenger technology.

Representatives from ARINC EMEA, led by Colette Parks, head of Satellite Communications, demonstrated its next-generation OiTM Onboard Internet Service, featuring interactive In Flight Entertainment (IFE) capabilities, at last month's 30th annual World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) in Palm Springs, California. They also took the offering to Asian Aerospace 2009 in Hong Kong where interest has been extremely positive among several service oriented carriers.

ARINC has partnered with InFlight Productions (IFP), the specialist audio video on demand (AVOD) services provider, to launch a “live content” capability to its next-generation OiTM Onboard Internet Service, which takes advantage of the increased bandwidth available to In-Flight Entertainment, thanks to the advent of SwiftBroadband from Inmarsat. With the interactive capability of Oi, passengers may use their own laptops or the airline's IFE system to surf the Internet, listen to and watch podcasts, and to keep up to date with the latest sports and global news. Oi empowers passengers with the ability to send important e-mails and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues at any time during their flight.

Oi is fully customisable by each airline, allowing carriers to build differentiated In-Flight Entertainment services for a better customer experience. The flexible Oi offerings can include combinations of free and paid content. In addition, airlines can explore a range of passenger payment options including credit cards. The flexibility of Oi gives airlines the full benefit of a high quality, optimal IFE experience for their passengers.

ARINC's partnership with IFP allows it to offer IFP's global content, for example access to Indian movies and TV in several languages, with IFP responsible for collating and managing all Oi content as well as creating the Graphical User Interface for Oi through IFP sister company, 28Designs. IFP is also providing technical support for Oi through its global office network in London, Dubai, Singapore, Los Angeles, Montreal, Auckland, Germany, Amsterdam and a representative office in Beijing.



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