IMS EMEA Newsletter Issue 1 - December 2009

ARINC keeps Vueling connected

Vol1 3ARINC is supporting the Vueling as the low fare Spanish carrier's preferred service provider for aviation IT services. Both Vueling and the former Clickair, which came together in mid-July 2009 to create Spain's second largest airline, were ARINC customers.

ARINC has supported Vueling's IT requirements since its creation in 2004, providing ACARS, Type B messaging and connectivity to Navitaire. In parallel, it supported Clickair in its early days, setting up a Navitaire system in record time, enabling Clickair to start selling tickets in summer 2006.

As ARINC set about developing its VHF coverage in Spain, Vueling opened new routes in the country. Today ARINC covers 100% of Vueling's destinations in Spain. Vueling also uses ARINC's OpCenter which means that the airline can integrate datalink within their operations. OpCenter is interconnected with other Vueling systems enabling real time automatic processing of the data sent and received by their aircraft. OpCenter is also interconnected with Iberia in order to forward maintenance data to Iberia's maintenance monitoring systems.

ARINC is also providing datalink exclusively for the new Vueling 35-strong Airbus A320 fleet (Clickair used datalink from another provider) through an agreement with Iberia.
“In the current global economic situation with heightened competition in Spain, especially in the low fare sector, airlines like Vueling need to watch their costs. ARINC is committed to working with them to offer cost effective solutions that enable them to increase their productivity and efficiency. Datalink is key to that because it helps to reduce manual processing improving airline operations and reducing aircraft turnaround times,” said Andy Hubbard, Head of Aviation Solutions at ARINC EMEA.



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Vol1 4smallWhat's happening?

Rome, Italy-based A-ICE (Aviation-Information & Communications Engineering), a leading Italian specialist in aviation electronic systems is the first alliance partner to join ARINC EMEA's new Channel Partner program.

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