February 2017

New Case Study for ARINC Airports Self BagDrop

A new case study has now arrived and the results speak for themselves at Dublin International Airport, where the implementation of Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Airports Self BagDrop solution has reduced passenger check-in times by 60%.

In a two-phase strategic project; initiated by Frances O’Brien of the DAA and formerly from Ryanair, the airport aimed to reduce airline check-in queues and streamline airport operations at both the front and back end. Beginning in 2015 with the introduction of ARINC vMUSE, Rockwell Collins’ common use passenger processing system, the project now boasts 64 self-service BagDrop units, which has had a dramatic effect on the airport’s productivity.

For the airlines involved in the project, primarily Aer Lingus and Ryanair, passenger experience has been greatly enhanced, as an Aer Lingus desk agent said, ‘Some of our guests have told us that this technology is a key differentiator on whether they would fly with Aer Lingus again.’


Self-service bag drop from Rockwell Collins


Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Self Service Bag Drop delivers a flexible, scalable solution for airport operators that is completely integrated to ensure a reliable platform. The common-use application offers a check-in and baggage handling system that can be utilised by multiple airlines, saving both time and valuable terminal space.

In addition, the ARINC ExpressDrop solution features an entirely online check-in and bag drop system that enables off-site benefits to passengers whom have checked-in online and have a pre-printed boarding pass. The common-use application delivers the opportunity for airline operators to set up self-service bag drop at hotel entrances, car parks and car hire kiosks.

Take a look at this exciting new case study to find out how Dublin International Airport is cutting waiting and passenger processing times by 60%, and improving passenger experience.

The case study can be downloaded from our Resources page.



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