January 2018

New Discussion - All About Airport DataAs the latest technology in airports continues to improve and change the way travellers move, offering greater efficiencies, increased operational productivity and revenue, and ultimately better passenger experience, operators are also gaining access to new data sources to be able to better understand passenger behaviours.

Through the use of analytics, airport operators are realising the benefits of harnessing powerful results and data to really focus on what passengers are doing in the airport areas in between the critical operational procedures, such as check-in, security and baggage handling. This allows valuable insights into solutions to maximise revenue opportunities by creating a complete passenger journey that gives travellers greater control and flexibility, while maintaining efficient traffic flow, reducing instances of queueing and delivering an enhanced passenger experience.

According to Tony Chapman, Director of Product Management and Strategic Programmes, Global Airports for Rockwell Collins, airports will be ‘well served by looking at IT solutions that provide a fully-automated way to understand what passengers are doing from when they start their journey, through the airport itself and all the way onto boarding the plane. Ultimately, understanding and using passenger behaviour data and integrating it with operational data will be the key to unlocking the airport of the future.’

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