December 2017

Case Study - Airport Solutions Transform Operations at Noi BaiNew Case Study for Rockwell Collins’ Airport Solutions at Noi Bai Airport
We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new case study of the implementation of Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Airport solutions that have transformed Vietnam’s Noi-Bai International Airport operations, with improved security, faster, synchronised systems, enhanced passenger experience and a significant reduction in previous operational inefficiencies.

When airport officials at Noi-Bai Airport developed terminal two, they had firm, ambitious objectives for one of the country’s busiest international and domestic gateways, to overcome severe overcrowding and modernisation issues.

Noi-Bai International Airport handled more than 14 million passengers in 2014, far exceeding its annual passenger capacity of just 9 million.

The challenge of overcrowding and outdated technology had a negative impact on customer service, and the problem was increasing as the airport grew with an ‘aggressive growth trajectory’. The inability to deliver the quality of service levels and facilities for passengers gave way to the decision to build Terminal 2 in 2015.


Rockwell Collins’ airport technologies and solutions

During the development of Terminal 2, Rockwell Collins implemented, after close consultation with airport officials, a suite of airport technologies and solutions, synchronised and integrated to facilitate faster travel, improve efficiency and enhance passenger experience, while simultaneously increasing security measures.

Using Rockwell Collins solutions such as:

  • ARINC AirDB – secure airport operations management
  • ARINC AirPlan – airport resource management
  • ARINC AirVue – flight information display system
  • ARINC vMUSE – dynamic passenger processing system
  • ARINC BagLink – baggage handling management
  • ARINC VeriPax – simplified passenger reconciliation


Award-winning success

Working closely with Rockwell Collins, Noi-Bai airport officials were able to reduce operational inefficiencies, and create an award-winning, seamless, end-to-end passenger journey that moved the airport up an amazing 136 places to position #83 on the list of ‘100 World’s Best Airports’.

With improved security and faster processing times, in addition to modernised traveller facilities, passenger experience has already significantly improved and will continue to support the airport’s planned growth trajectory.


Find out more about the success of this strategic relationship in the latest case study available to download in PDF format or view online now on our Resources page.



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