May 2016

5 more into the cloud

Rockwell Collins has been a leader in cloud-based solutions since 2012 as it allows airlines to use native applications with direct access to peripherals. The company is working toward being able to offer the entire Rockwell Collins ARINC Airports’ suite of products via the cloud. Its work of late in re-engineering products to be cloud native will enable it to provide customers with a scalable solution – the right solution with the right conditions tailored to a client’s needs from large to small airports, reducing configuration and setup time as well as maintenance and support. We are maximising the use of the Cloud to better serve the needs of smaller airports.









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thumb 6 airport operational systems updateAirport Operational Systems Update

May 2016

Demand for automation to achieve operational efficiencies and streamlining passenger processes is a key driver for efficiency at Rockwell Collins, which has embarked on a series of enhancements to its airport operational solutions designed to improve efficiency.

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thumb 4 our work on biometricOur Work on Biometric

April 2016

The increased demand for self-service is driving the use of biometrics. Through our work with industry leader Atkins, announced at last year’s PTE show in Paris, we intend to start trialing a biometric matching solution using facial recognition at a major international airport from mid 2016.


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