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Systems Integration


Systems integrationTo enable optimum operations, airports of all sizes need systems integration on a comprehensive scale. With airport traffic increasing at a rate of 5% year-on-year, the need has never been greater to maintain airport flow of passengers and flights, and integrated systems that work together seamlessly provide a robust network of information to deliver the highest achievable levels of efficiency and reliability.

An inordinate amount of data is collected, stored and distributed from global airports on a daily basis, and systems are complex and challenging. Integrating airport IT systems to provide consistent, manageable and airport-wide accessibility for information and maintenance is the answer to deliver efficiency across the entire environment.

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Next generation airport connectivity

The modern, busy airport of today has changed enormously, largely due to the increasing pressures that rising traveller numbers and security mandates has placed on the airport environment in recent times.

Airports must remain flexible, with scalable solutions that can adapt and change within the fast-paced aviation industry.

Common use systems allow flexible deployment of services on a platform that can be scaled to adapt to the changing needs of global airports of all sizes, using industry-standard interfaces, and cloud, mobile or self-service technology, while maintaining critical security protocols. The introduction of biometric security solutions, automated baggage handling and border control innovations has made management of processes simpler, yet integration of systems even more crucial.

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How Rockwell Collins can make systems integration seamless

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Airports solutions deliver the means to seamlessly integrate IT systems and airport management platforms with the latest connectivity, including the use of mobile applications and increased bandwidth.

Our solutions are designed to leverage critical IT infrastructure to its maximum capability, while improving reliability and enhancing overall airport operations. When systems are seamlessly integrated, a holistic view of the entire airport environment is achieved – in real time.

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Integrate airport systems to effectively manage:

  • Passenger facilitation – including mandatory requirements for API
  • Airport operations – flight management, baggage handling and border control
  • Air-to-ground communications – network integration, maintenance and ground handling
  • Self-service applications – check-in, passenger processing and bag drop facilities
  • IT infrastructure – multi-airport functionality, pricing and billing and non-aviation business


Why choose Rockwell Collins’ ARINC airports solutions for systems integration?

Rockwell Collins understands the unique challenges airports face around the world, regardless of size, particularly with increasing security pressures and growing mandatory requirements. Our expertise provides perfectly tailored, scalable solutions to enable seamless reliability with proven systems architecture.

Operating from a common communications platform, with specifically designed and fully-integrated airport systems across a full spectrum, Rockwell Collins’ ARINC airports solutions can help to eliminate the infrastructural challenges caused by disparate data and sources, helping you to raise the bar across all operable networks, and meet bottom line investment and budgeting requirements.

With 25 years of experience and expertise in systems integration, and more than 80 years in aviation communication and operations, Rockwell Collins is uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive system integration to maximise productivity in your airport environment.

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