Helping passengers cruise through check-in - ARINC OnVoy

With off-site check-in growing more and more popular with passengers every year, we have made it our mission to help provide your customers with as many traveling conveniences as possible. That's why we developed Collins Aerospace ARINC OnVoySM - a remote check-in application that allows passengers to spend significantly less time at the airport. All of this adds up to more revenue opportunities for your operations.

This page is the right place for information about our Collins Aerospace ARINC OnVoySM our off-site, check-in solution - but if you wanted to learn more about our on-site, check-in solution - ARINC MUSETM click here.

Represented on all six major cruise lines, and currently in use on over 70 ships, ARINC OnVoy has become the industry standard, and the leading off-site means of check-in. Passengers just have to sign up. Attendants deliver printed bag tags, and pick up the bags the night before departure.

With such success in the cruise line industry, ARINC OnVoy is also easily optimized for hotels and resorts, as well as convention centers and other group settings. We have implemented the efficient, versatile system throughout one of the largest US leisure resorts - enhancing the passenger experience and freeing up valuable consumer time.

There are four ways to enroll in ARINC OnVoy services, allowing travelers several opportunities to take advantage of the time-saver, no matter where they are:

  • Automatic registration in resort or hotel system
  • On-site registration forms
  • Send a text file
  • Internet enrollment
  • ARINC OnVoy is the perfect check-in management solution to increase passenger convenience, boost revenue and maximize efficiency.

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