Enhanced border security with seamless and efficient pre-clearance solutions

Rigorous security requirements and increasing numbers of travelers are driving the need for automated solutions that can help ease airport congestion.

Collins Aerospaces’ ARINC Automated Passport Control(APC) kiosks provide an effective way to improve passenger flow at United States immigration and customs checkpoints.

As a self-service solution, our ARINC APC kiosk automates the border control process by allowing eligible passengers to transmit their travel information to U.S.Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) prior to speaking with an officer.

Automating this step decreases passenger wait time at immigration as well as reduces airport capacity issues.
Automating the process also enhances security by enabling CBP officers to focus on identity verification, admissibility and questioning instead of reviewing routine travel documents.


Improving the process

Our multilingual ARINC APC kiosks can be used by U.S. and Canadian citizens as well as eligible Visa Waiver Program travelers for U.S. pre-clearance or at primary immigration locations.

On arrival, passengers can speed through immigration with shorter queues and faster processing – easing connections to onward flights.


Complies with CBP standards

Our kiosks are fully compliant with CBP requirements for image validation.

Using sophisticated facial recognition software, our ARINC APC kiosks ensure that passengers have the correct travel documentation required by the CBP, speeding passenger travel while maintaining the highest levels of security.



ARINC Airports APC Kiosk datasheet

Airports ARINC APC kiosks ds A4 EMEA Page 1


Key benefits

Customs and border protection

  • Faster immigration processing of passengers
  • Enhanced security
  • Better utilization of skilled personnel
  • More processing capacity by speeding passenger processing times


Airports and Airlines

  • Improved passenger experience
  • Reduced airport queues
  • Reductions in missed connections
  • More efficient use of airport space and resources


A stress-free experience for passengers

Our touchscreen and simple self-service interface guides passengers though the entire immigration transaction process,creating a stress-free experience for travelers from start to finish.


Shared components

Our ARINC APC kiosks use the same frame as our ARINC common use self-service (CUSS) kiosk. Having a single kiosk type for multiple applications lets airports benefit from shared components.

With Collins Aerospace, airports get a consistent, sleek and modern design as well as an impressively small footprint to optimize space utilization. In addition, a single Collins Aerospace kiosk software platform enables an airport to manage its ARINC APC and self-service kiosks from one centralized location