Our experience and innovation keep operations flowing

It is the goal of the industry, driven by IATA's Fast Travel programme to have by 2020, 80% of global passengers offered a complete range of relevant Self-Service options throughout their journey to provide better convenience and reduce queues. Rockwell Collins doesn't want to stop there. We drive innovation, developing solutions to make all airport travel seamless, enhancing security and making the airport journey as efficient as possible.


Common Use Identity Managementthumb airport common use identity management

Maintain security and improve passenger flow

The latest release of our ARINC MUSE common use passenger processing system (CUPPS) includes standardised plug-ins to allow any biometric recognition technology to be integrated into the process at check-in, bag drop, kiosks, security points and boarding gates, indeed at all touch-points.

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Automated Border Controlthumb airport automated border control

Reduce operating costs, maintain operational flow, avoid congestion - ARINC ABC

As border control grows more important than ever in aviation and airports, it becomes more challenging to maintain operational flow in airports and avoid congestion at checkpoints. That is why we, in support of current strategic e-borders initiatives, have built the Rockwell Collins ARINC Automated Border Control (AABC) system.

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