Keeping your IT systems up and running

Understandably, a lot of companies keep their IT support in-house to keep costs down, only to find out in the end it had the opposite effect on their budget. IT personnel often fill many critical roles in a company’s daily operations and have limited time, knowledge or training to maintain a multitude of technologies and equipment types.

When that happens, it’s easy for the crucial proactive maintenance that keeps things running smoothly to fall between the cracks, inevitably leading to the network being down more than it should. And downtime is lost time, lost production and lost revenue.

At Collins Aerospaces’ ARINC Managed Services (AMS), we understand all that. We know for your business to outsource its IT systems maintenance, it has to make sense for your operations and budget. Our customers can rely on us time and again for our cost-effective solutions and expertise.

ARINC AMS IT Systems Maintenance datasheet