Scalable, Integrated Cloud IT Systems for Airports

Using Collins Aerospace cloud technology enables airlines and airports to deploy systems far more rapidly than they ever have been able to in the past. We can offer a choice to those with or without dedicated core rooms, as services can be deployed from the cloud directly to your airport. Regardless of your current IT infrastructure, Collins Aerospace will work with you to implement a solution that is fully scalable, flexible and meets your operational demands for today and the future.


Rockwell Collins ARINC Airport Cloud Solutions
Collins Aerospace ARINC Airport Cloud Solutions


A Collaborative Approach to Airport Cloud Computing

Collins Aerospaces’ matchless experience in the aviation sector allows us to employ a collaborative approach and deploy the systems that are appropriate for you. Whether you want servers on site or driven from the public cloud, the underlying architecture will be the same.

Our cloud solution is fully scalable from one single workstation to thousands of workstations, all offering the same functionality, with the same levels of support and service, irrespective of the airport size. We can expand your airport’s capacity for seasonal requirements when required, provide workstations for off-site check-in and remote support, all with the appropriate application build which allows consistency in the version control of software across your airport or airport group.


Automated Software Updates

When your airport systems reside in the cloud, there’s no need to update them constantly. Collins Aerospace can push updates out as and when they’re required saving both time and money.

This means that software updates, patches and application releases can be selected when you want to install them subject to your change control processes. It’s a bit like having a smartphone, where applications are pushed, and then you can select from the available list and install them and make them available as and when needed.

Use Existing Hardware and Infrastructure

This also means that it is possible to use the same hardware already installed at your airport, removing the need to refresh the hardware based on the latest applications that are required. This flexibility ensures the same seamless passenger experience irrespective of the airport size or legacy IT infrastructure.


Airport Cloud Solutions Applications

Keep your passengers moving and your operations flowing with Collins Aerospace ARINC airports, contact us today and find out how we can help you implement fully scalable and flexible solutions that meets your operational demands of today and the future.


Rockwell Collins cloud technology and the seamless airport Empowering your airport for flexibility and scalability with Rockwell Collins Cloud Solutions Airport cloud questions with Tony Chapman
Collins Aerospace cloud technology and 
the seamless airport
Empowering your airport for flexibility 
and scalability with Collins Aerospace 
Cloud Solutions
Airport cloud questions with Tony 

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