IATA Resolution 753 – Are You Ready?


The whole industry is now impacted by IATA 753 compliance deadlines. The resources and information on this site outline key points you will want to consider and highlight how we can help you. Start now and get our free paper on the top 10 things you need to know.

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What is IATA Resolution 753?

IATA state on their website that: “IATA Resolution 753 on baggage tracking is intended to encourage airlines to further reduce mishandling by implementing cross-industry tracking for every baggage journey.”

Under the initiative, airlines have made a commitment to the process of tracking baggage through every part of the journey, from acceptance at the originating airport, loading onto the aircraft to the transfer of baggage into the arrivals system of the destination airport. Also covered, will be the transfer of baggage for carriage by a further airline during a multi-leg journey. The deadline has been set for June 2018 and is just around the corner.

The main basic principles of the system must be fulfilled, and airlines will:

  • Provide an inventory of baggage before the flight departs
  • Demonstrate delivery of baggage when its custody changes
  • Demonstrate reception of baggage when its custody changes
  • Be able to share and exchange tracking information with other airlines, as required


When was IATA Resolution 753 effective from?


IATA Resolution 753 was first requested by airlines in 2013, was given further approval by the Joint Passenger Services Conference (JPSC), and a five-year implementation deadline with a proposed effectivity date of June 1, 2018. This five-year implementation period has allowed airport operators and airlines to work together to ensure that infrastructural systems and processes are ready and available to deliver an enhanced service.


How can Collins Aerospace help you?

As an industry-leading provider of ARINC airports solutions, Collins Aerospace is uniquely positioned to help airports of all sizes around the world to implement cost-efficient solutions to enable compliance with IATA Resolution 753.

With a wide range of common-use and self-service baggage technology, our teams can work closely with airport and airline operators to ensure implementation of systems that best suit your exact requirements, while remaining scalable and flexible.


ARINC SmartBagTM – A comprehensive baggage management solution that helps airports, airlines, and ground handlers achieve compliance with IATA resolution 753.

ARINC SelfDropTM – simple and fast self-service bag drop with options for biometric validation and self-tagging.

ARINC BagLinkTM – a baggage messaging server that uses IATA bag identification printed directly onto the bag tag. Provides bi-directional message delivery and automated verification.

Airport Cloud Solutions – operable from a single workstation, Collins Aerospace cloud solutions offer airports of all sizes the opportunity to employ a collaborative approach and achieve scalability without investing in infrastructure development.

ARINC AviNet® – Our global messaging solution connects airlines, airports, ground handlers and other aviation businesses to their community of interest – reliably, securely and cost effectively.


When systems and services are integrated, the entire airport environment becomes more efficient, promoting enhanced operational productivity and a greater use of airport resources. As master systems integrators, Collins Aerospace ensure that a seamless operational platform is created, giving operators an enhanced, holistic view that enables reduced pressure, especially during peak flow times, and the ability to remain fully-compliant with the increasing mandatory requirements.

To find out more about how Collins Aerospaces’ ARINC airports solutions can help you to achieve compliance with IATA Resolution 753 and a growing number of mandatory regulatory requirements, view our free webinar, get our free paper on the top 10 things you need to know  or simply contact us with your query.