Comprehensive baggage management solutions - ARINC SmartBagTM


Baggage is a large and at times, complex part of airline and airport operations. From Check-in and security of the gate and ramp, to arrival and baggage claim, it affects a large portion of the passenger journey. An intelligent management and tracking solution sets the stage for improving the passenger experience, providing better tracking capabilities and helping increase on-time departures.

With Collins Aerospaces' ARINC SmartBagTM you'll know exactly where every bag is in real-time. It utilises an unlimited number of scan points to provide a clear and continuous big picture of the baggage process. Built-in analytics allow users to customise dashboards and reports, access a historical overview of system operations and enable the most informed decision making.

ARINC SmartBag meets all requirements for compliance with IATA resolution 753. The centralised database creates a searchable and detailed history to help reduce lost and mishandled bags. If a bag is mishandled, ARINC SmartBag's powerful mobile reflighting tool reconnects bags with passengers and reduces expensive delays.


Key Benefits


  • Enables compliance with IATA resolution 753
  • Accurate bag-to-passenger reconciliation enhances security and provides big-time picture tracking and reporting
  • Helps improve on-time departure through the use of real-time action items
  • Helps decrease airline expense by reducing mishandled bags
  • Seamless integration with airport and airline systems
  • Customisable dashboards and reports provide real-time and historical overviews of system operations
  • Can be hosted locally or in the cloud


 ARINC SmartBagTM datasheet

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