The real-time turnaround management system - ARINC AirTQM

A management tool for coordinating turnaround activities – in real-time – ARINC AirTQMTM from Collins Aerospace will help you to improve aircraft turnaround time and raise on-time performance to new levels, ensuring cost savings and better performance. It improves the management of processes, people and ground service equipment to deliver superb, on-time results.


This powerful web-based application incorporates the latest in mobile data collection technology together with rugged Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) connected via wireless LAN or GPRS data links.

Through ARINC AirTQM’s powerful management and data analysis interface, managers can now enjoy a clear overview of all turnaround activities with automatic alerts for performance-impacting delays.


ARINC Airports AirTQM datasheet

For Airport Efficiency Download ARINC Airports AirTQM data sheet