Maximise scheduling, ease congestion and reduce costs - ARINC AirPlanTM

For airports and airlines, efficiency at the gate is crucial to cost-effective operations. We understand how important alleviating aircraft congestion is in achieving the highest on-time departure and arrival rates possible - and how it directly correlates into operational profitability. We designed Collins Aerospaces' ARINC AirPlanTM to be the tool you need to optimize terminal operations.

The intelligent control system allows airport managers to analyze the cause of delays, plan ahead and improve daily scheduling - helping determine the most time-efficient usage of aircraft, gates and stands. We work onsite to create a system customized to your needs, scaling the architecture to any size airport - taking into account carrier preferences and higher traffic situations like peak travel times.

We know it's simple for airports - the smoother flight and landing operations are the more passengers that can be accommodated and the more potential revenue opportunities. See how ARINC AirPlan maximizes scheduling, eases terminal congestion and reduces your costs.

ARINC Airports AirPlan Datasheet

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