Collins Aerospaces’ ARINC AirVue digital signage solutions deliver the most advanced display technology in highly flexible platforms for any size airport, airport concessionaire, or airport-related business. Whether you want to keep people moving, create dwell time or steer traffic to key revenue opportunities, the ARINC AirVue platform is configurable and scalable to any challenge.


ARINC AirVue flight information display systems

Our flight information display systems (FIDS) support all aspects of information presentation for airports of all sizes, from data delivery and format design, to device management and display scheduling. It operates as easily on multiple enterprise servers driving thousands of display devices as it does on a single workstation driving only a few. Designers can create attractive displays that incorporate multimedia components and integrate up-to-date information from multiple data sources.

With passenger traffic steadily increasing every year and cost-efficiency at a premium, Collins Aerospace shapes innovation to ease airport congestion and keep people moving. ARINC AirVue FIDS lets passengers view real-time flight information in the airport, from cell phones, PDAs or any Internet connection, keeping them up to date wherever they are, allowing them more free time before boarding.

ARINC AirVue FIDS is designed to be budget-conscious and create new revenue opportunities. We use standard off-the-shelf hardware to reduce installation costs—and eliminate the need for bulky, expensive workstations. Designed for the flexibility to rotate multiple screens, change visual formats, and utilize displays, logos, video and Flash capabilities, it provides several channels to generate new revenue.

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ARINC AirVue flight boards

ARINC AirVue flight boards look and work just like traditional flight information displays (FIDS) at airports, only smaller. Scaled to be ideal for small to mid-size airports, any airport concessionaire, as well as businesses related to the airport industry like hotels, shuttle buses, and car rental agencies, our flight boards are available in a wide range of wall and desk mounted, standalone or mobile screen sizes. They are web-based, wireless and as simple as plugging in the power.

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ARINC AirVue enterprise

ARINC AirVue enterprise is a total signage solution that enables operators to manage, push and monitor content from one interface, for displays dispersed throughout airport operations. Ideal for efficiently creating both airport-wide and location specific content, alleviating passenger traffic, and steering traffic to revenue drivers, ARINC AirVue enterprise enhances operations and improves the passenger experience from door to door.

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ARINC AirVue interactive

Airports as well as other aviation business partners are looking to focus on the airport experience for their travelers. Airports are looking for non-aeronautical ways to introduce travelers to various places such as retail, restaurants, duty free, and other fine establishments as well as establishing an ROI during their journey.


Collins Aerospace AirVue Interactive systems deliver content management features, flexible multimedia, and managing the customer’s journey throughout their experience. With a 2.5D /or 3D stunning wayfinding graphical interface, the application can help you stay at the forefront of technology and ahead of the curve.

Collins Aerospaces’ fully integrated digital signage solutions give passengers the power of engagement, making their airport experience more enjoyable. Real-time flight information and true interactive wayfinding are displayed in a rich multimedia format allowing customers to be informed and socially engaged with their journey.


Real-Time Flight Information with Interactive Wayfinding

Collins Aerospace AirVue Interactive is the global leader in interactive wayfinding allowing for complete control of any property. New true 3D wayfinding enhances the user experience with the ultimate visual birds-eye view wayfinding technology to wow end-users with next-gen navigation. Allows visitors to switch between perspective and north view, zoom in map for details, tap a location for more information, as well allocate or get directions to thousands of destinations. The intelligent algorthrim generates dynamic directions by considering shortest, accessible, time-scheduled, preferred, and temporarily disabled paths.

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