Keep your passengers moving and airport operating smoothly

With over 80% of check-ins now taking place away from traditional dedicated airport workstations, common-use systems are dominating the way people travel. Whether it's on-site common-use kiosks, through dedicated hotel systems, at rental car agencies, convention centers, on cruise ships or even over the Internet - travelers are enjoying more self-serve options - and Collins Aerospace delivers a baggage solution just as convenient whatever your individual needs.

This is the right place for information about our Collins Aerospace ARINC ExpressDropTM agent assisted bag drop - but if you wanted to learn more about our Self Service Bag Drop - ARINC SelfDropTM click here.

ARINC ExpressDrop - Agent Assisted Bag Drop

ARINC ExpressDrop is easily incorporated into common-use systems, kiosks and remote check-ins such as multi-user system environment (MUSE). It can be installed at a regular workstation or as an independent bag drop location for kiosk and Internet users - saving travelers even more time prior to boarding.

ARINC ExpressDrop is more efficient for agents too, giving them a common language to check baggage from passengers on multiple airlines. They simply navigate the universal interface and print out the bag tags - even incorporating the latest radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to further maximise passenger processing. 

Suitable for both large and small airports, low cost, charter, regional and full service airlines, featuring automated scaling of storage, server and execution environments based on demand – with the scalability and flexibility to respond to your airports' changing needs today and into the future. 

Perfect to keep your passengers moving and your airport operating smoothly, ARINC ExpressDrop is the ideal baggage solution to increase customer demand for the convenience of common-use services, kiosks and remote check-in.


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ARINC Airports ExpressDrop datasheet