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May 2016

5 more into the cloud

Rockwell Collins has been a leader in cloud-based solutions since 2012 as it allows airlines to use native applications with direct access to peripherals. The company is working toward being able to offer the entire Rockwell Collins ARINC Airports’ suite of products via the cloud. Its work of late in re-engineering products to be cloud native will enable it to provide customers with a scalable solution – the right solution with the right conditions tailored to a client’s needs from large to small airports, reducing configuration and setup time as well as maintenance and support. We are maximising the use of the Cloud to better serve the needs of smaller airports.









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thumb 6 airport operational systems updateAirport Operational Systems Update

May 2016

Demand for automation to achieve operational efficiencies and streamlining passenger processes is a key driver for efficiency at Rockwell Collins, which has embarked on a series of enhancements to its airport operational solutions designed to improve efficiency.

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thumb 4 our work on biometricOur Work on Biometric

April 2016

The increased demand for self-service is driving the use of biometrics. Through our work with industry leader Atkins, announced at last year’s PTE show in Paris, we intend to start trialing a biometric matching solution using facial recognition at a major international airport from mid 2016.


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  • Airport News - New Case Study for ARINC Airports Self BagDrop

    February 2017 A new case study has now arrived and the results speak for themselves at Dublin International Airport, where the implementation of Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Airports Self BagDrop solution has reduced passenger check-in times by 60%. In a two-phase strategic project; initiated by Frances O’Brien of the DAA and formerly from Ryanair, the airport aimed to reduce airline check-in queues an...
  • Airport News - Rockwell Collins Technology Supports Growth in Egypt

    January 2017 Rockwell Collins Technology and Customer Service in Egypt Supports Growth and Expands Opportunity in the Region Since 2006, Rockwell Collins has enjoyed a period of growth in Egypt, beginning with a contract for Terminal three at Cairo Airport, and continuing since then to expand into eleven more airports in Egypt. The project at Egypt’s busiest airport, Cairo International, has inclu...
  • Airport News - Rockwell Collins Acquires Pulse.Aero for Passenger Processing Expansion

    January 2017 Pulse.Aero Limited, UK-based self-service bag drop and airline applications provider, has been acquired by Rockwell Collins in a deal that will see further expansion of its Information Management Services and enhancement of its airport and airline passenger processing offering.Rockwell Collins and Pulse.Aero have collaborated on successful projects, such as the installation of self-ba...
  • Airport News - Rockwell Collins Automates Check-in Process

    December 2016 In order to improve passenger handling efficiency and enhance airport operations for Falcon Aviation Services (FAS), Rockwell Collins have implemented ARINC LocalCheckSM Local Departure Control System (L-DCS). The new solution will improve passenger experience for both check in boarding, and generates barcoding bag tags for further efficiencies. This will have a significant effect on...
  • Airport News - Passenger Processing Enhancements Implemented at NRT

    December 2016 Rockwell Collins’ self-service solutions, ARINC SelfServ™ and ARINC BagLinkTM have been implemented at NRT to promote growth for the growing passenger demand expected in the coming years. NRT has benefited from increased routes as a gateway to Japan and is experiencing record levels of passenger traffic. With a vision to be Asia’s leading hub requiring world class safety and service...
  • Airport News - New Discussion - Identity Management to Improve Passenger Experience

    November 2016 Self-service innovations are improving throughout the world’s airports as passenger flow increases year-on-year on a global scale, and airports look to enhance passenger experience, while maintaining critical, growing security requirements. Through identity management and biometrics, airports can streamline operations and fulfil mandatory requirements, and although widely accepted th...
  • Airport News - Streamlining Passenger Experience at YYC with Common Use Systems

    November 2016 The newly-opened $1.6 billion international terminal at Canada’s YYC Calgary International Airport features an extensive deployment of Rockwell Collins’ ARINC technology, supporting self-service solutions that have been designed to streamline and improve passenger experience. Rockwell Collins’ long-standing customer has expanded its relationship to ensure the needs and expectations o...
  • Airport News - JFK International Awards Common-Use Check-In Contract to Rockwell Collins

    October 2016 International Airlines Group has awarded a competitive contract to replace the existing check-in system at John F Kennedy International Airport (Terminal 7) to Rockwell Collins, it has been announced. Terminal 7, utilised by more than 10 international carriers, will see the implementation of Rockwell Collins’ ARINC vMUSE, its’ reliable Common Use Passenger Processing platform (CUPPS)...
  • Airport News - Improved Passenger Processing at Mandalay International Airport

    October 2016 Myanmar’s Mandalay International Airport has announced that Rockwell Collins is to provide enhanced check-in for travellers with the implementation of ARINC vMUSE Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS). “Myanmar is a growing tourist and business destination with a variety of attractions and opportunities,” said Futoshi Hiroi, vice president, COO and CFO of MJAS. “By using the...
  • Airport News - New Discussion - Aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean

    August 2016 Rockwell Collins’ US head of sales and account management, Augusto de Macedo Santos, takes a deeper look at the regional aviation implementations of Latin America and the Caribbean, and discusses the way that the latest technological advancements at Rockwell Collins are paving the way for an increase in security and passenger facilitation. With a focus on ARINC VeriPax, Santos notes ho...
  • Airport News - Rio Olympics Passengers Enjoy Latest Airport Technologies

    August 2016 As the main gateway into Brazil, RIOgaleão Tom Jobin International Airport has been the first impression of Brazil for the many passengers and athletes associated with the 2016 Rio Olympic games. In addition to the regular flight traffic that RIOgaleão handles from 26 airlines every day, an expected 1.5 million further travellers are to pass through the terminals during the games, incl...
  • Airport News - New Discussion - The Aviation Information Age

    July 2016 Within the talking airports section of the website a new discussion created by Andrew Seow looks at the past, present and future of Airport Connectivity. In recent times, we have seen the biggest increases in passenger demand ever seen. In 2015 IATA reported the largest increase in demand for air travel in five years, with global passenger traffic rising by 6.5%. In this article, we look...
  • Airport News - New Self Service Bag Drop Zone at Dublin Airport

    July 2016 In a multimillion dollar project to streamline passenger processing at Dublin Airport, Rockwell Collins has deployed two major self-service bag drop zones to simplify and optimise the baggage check-in process. Working in agreement with daa and in conjunction with Rockwell Collins has deployed 15 self-service bag drop units in Terminal One plus, in Terminal Two, 32 self-service...
  • Airport News - Rockwell Collins to Provide First Mobile Common Use Check-in Platform in India

    July 2016 India's busiest airport, and the largest in South Asia, Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) has become the first to install Rockwell Collins’ new ARINC vMUSE™ mobile passenger processing solution. The new service compliments those already installed at the airport in the longstanding relationship between ICI and Rockwell Collins. Since 2009 Rockwell Collins has deployed ARINC vMUSE™...
  • Airport News - Airport Operational Systems Update

    May 2016 Demand for automation to achieve operational efficiencies and streamlining passenger processes is a key driver for efficiency at Rockwell Collins, which has embarked on a series of enhancements to its airport operational solutions designed to improve efficiency. Integration of this 1-to-Many technology with other systems, such as ARINC’s VeriPax passenger reconciliation system, which veri...

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